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Pump Replacements
A properly working pump, is a must! We replace all major brands of pool pumps.

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If you’re in need of a new pool heater, we can install a new, efficient heater to get you back up and running.

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Clean filter cartridges are vital to keeping your water in optimum condition.
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Chlorine Free Salt Systems
Whether you need replacement cartridges or a complete system, we can handle it.

We offer a wide variety of Pool and Spa Lights.


120: Low cell current in forward direction - Check DC cord, clean cell if necessary or replace cell.

121: Low cell current in reverse direction, same as 120 above.

123: Low to no current at cell - check DC cord, clean cell or replace if necessary.

124: High current indicated at the cell - this usually means a bad back board.

125: Cell needs to be cleaned or replaced.

126: Low current in forward direction and VAC input voltage below 100/200 VAC - check input voltage, transformer and back board voltages.

127: Low current in reverse direction and VAC input voltage below 100/200 VAC - check input voltage, transformer and back board voltages.

144: Low Salinity (below 2.0 gpl) - indicates the pool needs salt added.

145: Low Salinity (below 4.0 gpl) - indicates pool needs salto be diluted.

170: Front board service condition indicated and is usually caused by low AC voltage from back board - check transformer and back board voltages.

171: Back board service condition - indicates board needs to be replaced.

172: Flow sensor service - clean sensor, check for damage and replace if necessary.

173: Low VAC input voltage and on-board power supply is not regulated - make sure unit is wired with proper voltage.

174: Pool temperature is too high for operation of Aquapure (i.e. > 108° F)

175: Flow sensor air lock condition or very low salinity.


180: Heated sensor element not heating (generates 172 code)

181: Flow sensor temperature sensor failure (generates 172 code - Flow sensor service)

182: Salinity Sensor sees less than 2.0 gpl of salt in pool or sensor air locked (generates 175 code - Flow sensor air lock)

183 to 186: Flow salinity sensor temperature probe error codes. They will all generate 172 codes which indicate flow sensor service is required.

187: Front board power supply either too low or too high (generates 173 - Low input voltage code if Level II code 188 is present) (generates 170 code if 188 is not present).

188: VAC input voltage is too low (generates 173 code if Level II code 187 is present)

189: Relay not conducting in the forward direction (generates 171 code - Back board service)

190: Relay not conducting in the reverse direction (generates 171 code - Back board service)

191: High cell current (at upper limit of A/D converter) and cell voltage below 19V (generates 170 code - Front board service)

192: High cell current and cell voltage below 19V (generates 171 code - Back board service)

193: Measured significant cell current when SCRs were turned off (generates 170 code - Front board service)

194: Cell current is 85% lower than desired and cell voltage above 19V (generates 125 code - Cell dirty or needs replacement)

195: Salinity invalid due to out of range measurements caused by front board error (generates 170 codes - Front board service)

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